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Who We Are:
Orange Insurance specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial construction, building, the trades and artisans. We work with multiple insurance carriers that specialize in construction so you can get the best rate on your

contractor insurance.

We understand your business, because we were IN your business...

You see, our owner and his family were developers and in general construction for years before starting Orange Insurance & Bonding Ron Sievers, Jr. (the owner of Orange Insurance) even wrote a book on remodeling which can be found here.

So as you can tell, we know the industry, we know your needs and we also know that money is tight - at least it always was for us when we were in construction!

With access to over 200 carriers we will find you the right general liability insurance and/or bond at the "right" price.


What is Contractor Insurance:
If you are a contractor and unsure as to what CGL is, or why you need general liability insurance, please read on…

General liability insurance (sometimes referred to as CGL), protects you and your business against many potential problems that can come up on a busy construction jobsite. If property is damaged or someone is hurt while you are working on a project, your insurance could help to cover you. For as cheap as $550, you can have $1,000,000 worth of coverage!

Contractor’s liability can cover you while you are on the job and it can also cover your work after a project is complete. As part of a general liability policy you will have coverage to protect you and your business from lawsuits or claims and you will also have property damage coverage and bodily injury coverage.

There are some other forms of insurance you may want to consider as well... If you want to cover your tools like miter saws, generators and drills, you would want to look into Inland Marine insurance. You can also insure mobile equipment and property while it’s in transit or on the job site... And since you don’t want a business accident in your work van to bankrupt your personal finances, you should have a Commercial Auto policy. We can help you with ALL of these types of insurance.

We can even offer you help and guidance (at no charge) in setting up your business with the state. Most states will require a contractor’s license bond which we can secure for you along with any other bid, payment or performance-type bond.

Working with Orange Insurance enables us to assess your entire company risk profile, making sure that you are covered from all sides.

Less Than $44/Month
Contractors: 4 Good Reasons to Buy Your Insurance from a Former General Contractor & Builder
The owner of Orange Insurance & Bonding was one for 20 years

Are you uncomfortable dealing to insurance agents? Do you hate shopping for insurance because the agents and brokers hound you to death? I disliked it as much as you too when I was a general contractor. I put 20 years into the trades before starting this insurance brokerage. My father was a developer and builder, he taught me and he put in over 50 years in both commercial and residential projects. That’s why our agency talks about insurance in terms you can relate to and we WILL NOT hound you. We use the language that you use daily in your business, know how your business runs and we are quick, efficient and to the point. No B.S.

90% of our clients are Contractors, Tradesmen and Artisans like you – so things just seem to fit when business partners are working on common ground.

- Ron Sievers (Owner @ Orange Insurance & Bonding)

Save Money
No contractor or builder likes to see his or her rates go up. They especially wonder why that happens when they’ve had no claims. It doesn’t seem fair... And we agree. But most tradesmen don’t like the hassle of shopping for insurance, or dealing with new insurance brokers, and then worrying that they didn’t get what they really needed at the best price available. It makes sense. But you deserve to know all your options.

Here are two short examples of builders and contractors that we’ve helped save money... We have a client that has been with us since 2012. As his rates began to go up year over year, we didn’t like seeing that, so we started to shop his policy around. At one point, we saved him over $5,000 just by looking at other insurance companies. We represent over 200 insurance carriers and state license bond sureties, so we can find you the lowest rates too. It’s better for you and better for us so we can help you grow.

Another client came to us concerned about his rates and wanted a policy review. Within 2 days we found a way to save him $1,700/year, simply because (as former builders) we understand the ins-and-outs of the construction business.

So, don’t be intimidated by big insurance carriers and their confusing language. Let us take your side.

You Get the Right Insurance for Your Business
Another builder simply needed insurance coverage for the tools he used on a job site. Again, this coverage makes sense to have. This coverage for tools and machinery is called 'inland marine’, which is simply an old-fashioned term covering ‘moveable items’ that dates back 100s of years.

We shopped around and got him the coverage for only $500 per year. Within 6 months someone broke into his on-site trailer and stole over $5,000 in tools. It happens. We helped him file the claim quickly, and he got his claim paid quickly so he could replenish the tools he needed to keep the jobsite running.

We Do All the Insurance Work so You Can Build Your Business Worry-Free
One client we have builds small homes, and finishes about one each month. Without warning, the bank told him that he needed to have ‘builder's risk’ insurance for each one. Without that, the bank would not continue to loan him interim financing on each home. Talk about throwing a wrench into the works.

As with most builders, he knows a lot about building, but not much about the insurance industry. Since he was already our client, we navigated the entire process for him, including talking to his bank officer. I don’t think he was even in the mood to talk with the bank after that big surprise.

We handled everything on the insurance end from start to finish for each home, and when we had the coverage in place, the builder said we had made it so easy for him, that he will continue to use us for years to come. Since we worked directly with the lending officer he didn't have to think about insurance… We let him concentrate on building homes and making money, while we did all the ‘back-end’ insurance work!

8 Helpful Tips to Prevent Problems
As you shop for your contractor’s insurance and state license bonds, here are some things you should know.
Don’t let the fine print catch you off guard at the worst time.

1) Always make sure the bond amount is correct. Each State has its own minimum required bond amount for different trades to legally conduct business in their State.
2) The minimum general liability coverage is mandated by each state. Normally $1,000,000 coverage is the same premium as $500,000 or even $300,000 – so make sure you are getting the most for your money. We can show you the different rates so you know you are getting the best coverage.
3) The business name and license number on your bond must correspond exactly with the business name and license number on your State’s records.
4) Changes to your business can affect your bond and complicate your license renewal. Here are four examples:
• A change in your business structure, like changing from a sole proprietor to a corporation, will affect your bond.
• A change in partners or officers can also affect your bond’s status without you knowing it. Ask us for help to be safe.
• A business name change can nullify your bond.
• Lastly, a change from a specialty contractor to a general contractor will definitely affect your bond and insurance.
In summary, go about this the easy, and smartest, way... Consult with us first, there’s no charge, we are nice folks and will not call you over and over again. We work how you want to work; email, text, phone or in person... Let us advise you on the best (and most economical) way to get your contractor insurance and bond coverage in place. We’ll shop over 200 carriers for you, and give you a side-by-side comparison of options, rates and discounts. You will feel much better about the whole process knowing that we were in the trades once, just like you!

Email us here or call today.
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